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from seed to bloom - our origins

Our first annual Wild Women, Wild Roses Festival was held in July of 2021. What began as an idea between Lauren and Katya Nova to organize a small pot luck for women, quickly it became something much bigger than anyone could have ever expected. In just two weeks, a beautiful festival came together with 300 women proclaiming 'YES!'. Every single detail of the event came together effortlessly by the power of  'the web'- a brilliant community of women weaving together to create an incredibly transformative weekend to dance, learn, sing and nourish deeply. The legacy of the wild rose web continues to spin into our 4th year with our growing community reaching all corners of the planet.

meet the wild rose women

our values



The magic of the festival is created through the respectful reflection of mutual energy that serves us all as a whole. We believe in the ever flowing abundance of reciprocal action- let us fill eachother's cups with it!



We are a pack in, pack out & leave no trace festival- and are committed to leaving the land more beautiful with our presence every single year. We believe it takes radical self responsibility from every human to create a sustainable future- for the festival and for our greater communities.



We welcome all women and all those who identify, including non-binary, two-spirit, gender fluid, trans and cisgender soul family.  Let’s come together with open minds and hearts and find that regardless of our age, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic backgrounds, disabilities and health status- we can celebrate, uplift, and come together in comm-unity.


whole wellness

As a healing arts event, your wellness in body, mind and spirit is our top priority. We have curated a festival that has a 'retreat' like vibe that honors all aspects of your experience while giving you the autonomy to navigate it to your level of need and comfort.

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