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Thank you for your interest in using the photos from our festival's photo gallery. We kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Credit Requirement:

All photo usage must include the following credit: @wildrosesfestival + the photographer's Instagram handle.
The photographer's Instagram handle can be found in the gallery section you are browsing.

Photo Release:

  • Please note that photos or videos taken at the festival remain the property of the Wild Roses Festival for their own use exclusively.

Photography Usage:

  • Any images used from this gallery are permitted for personal use which is defined as sharing with friends and family, as well as displaying on personal accounts on photo-sharing and social networking websites like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Vendors at the festival can use images from the public photo gallery on their commercial social media sites and website.

  • Images are to be used solely to showcase their participation in the Wild Roses Festival. However, the images should not be used for promoting other events or festivals.

  • Please remember to credit @wildrosesfestival and the photographers when using the images.

  • Note: For any other usage purposes, written permission from the Wild Roses Festival is required.

For any questions regarding media, photography or videography please reach out to our media team at


With love,

Wild Roses Festival

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