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We are calling in female led food artisans to help us nourish our Wild Roses Festival community. We are looking for vendors (trucks and pop-up kitchens) to provide a range of delicious food options to our community. 


In exchange for a spot in our Food Village, we offer a reciprocal exchange that helps put many back into your business, while providing meals for our busy WRF team, as well as provide meals towards our scholarship recipients- women experiencing financial and systemic barriers that we sponsor admission to the festival. This year we offer an exchange of $400 of food vouchers for your placement in our Food Village.



​Here are some of the many perks of being a Wild Roses Healer:

  • Expand your reach to thousands of women in your niche audience

  • Promotion of you (and your brand) to 17k+ subscribers on our social media, email marketing and web placement. 

  • Full admission of your ticket to the festival + up to 8 complimentary tickets for your staff ($2997 value)

  • Early entry on Thursday for set up

  • Access to post + share your offerings for the 2024 year in our ‘Wild Roses Sisterhood’ facebook group (1000+ members)



We greatly appreciate your time and efforts put into this application, but will only be in contact with those who have been approved.  Please note that much of the information shared here will be used on our website and marketing materials if approved. To see an example of how we feature food village vendors information on our website, please click here.

Will you be operating in a:
Are you able to offer food options for the following (check all that apply)
Are you able to offer food options for the following (check all that apply)

Please upload a photo of your logo. Please note that these will be used for marketing and web purposes if approved. 

Upload File

Please upload up to 3 photos of your culinary creations. Please note that these will be used for marketing and web purposes if approved.

Upload File
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Thanks for submitting!

  • When will I find out if I've been accepted?
    Approval emails will be sent out on, or before, January 15, 2024. Your approval email will contain all the details to confirm you as a Wild Roses Presenter, Performer or Instructor. If you are approved as an Instructor, rental fees for your space are due February 5.
  • Can I apply to present with more than one person?
    We encourage instructors and presenters to carry their workshop on their own, however, we are able to accommodate a small number of collaborative workshops or presentations with 2 people.
  • Can you expand more on the topics of presentations and workshops you're looking for?
    We are excited to hear all of your innovative proposals. Here are some examples of topics we look forward to receiving: Living with Grief + Trauma Financial Health Bead Work/Beaded Earrings Sourdough and Fermentation Culinary Workshops Permaculture Urban Gardening Herbalism Wild Harvesting Medicine making BIPOC Sharing Circle Queer Conversations Decolonized Wellness and Spirituality Eating Disorders Crone Wisdom Breast Wellness Menopause Parenting and Mothering Psychedelics Plant dying Fascia Work Sexuality + Eros Conscious uncoupling + divorice Pleasure activism
  • I want to attend, regardless if my application is approved. Should I buy a ticket, just in case?
    Absolutely. If you are selected as a instructor or performer after you've purchased a ticket, we will refund you.
  • What is the VIP night?
    The VIP night is a celebration that occurs on the Friday evening of the festival. This is a great opportunity for us to meet and mingle with our incredible crew of guides and facilitators, and shower you in gratitude and gratis!
  • If I am accepted as an Instructor, how do I take payments?
    When accepted, we will instruct you to add a registration page to your existing website. You will take your own payments and manage your own registrations.
  • If I offer a private workshop, what would you recommend for entry fees?
    Our private workshop instructors charge anywhere depending on the content. Ceremonies and circles usually range between $30-$60, where hands on crafting workshops usually charge upwards to $60-80 depending on cost of supplies and length of duration. We are always happy to work with you to set a meaningful price that will successfully sell out your event!
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