healer's tent workshops

Come, circle and be guided by this incredible line up of facilitators for a intimate experience. Taking place in our stargazer bell tent in the Healer's Village, these workshops will hold up to 15 women and are available for pre-registration. (please see individual descriptions for how to register). 

saturday, july 9 1-2pm (sold out)

More then ever, we are collectively carrying knots, in our body, energy and spirit. But as women and adaptive creatures, we learn to carry these knots and continue, not realizing the impact it has on our whole being. In this one-hour session, we will explore what it means to unravel our knots and move into a conscious space of embodied calm; to shift, embrace and transcend our status quo. Learn tools, rituals, breath-work and spend time in an embodied meditation practice.

Tickets are $40, to register, please click here.



'calm as fuck' with amanda cook

saturday, july 9 7-8pm

A cervix portrait party is for people who want to learn more about their cervix and take their very own Beautiful Cervix Portrait! Our time together will be full of cervical health tips, embodiment practices, and speculum spelunking all within the care and support of a trauma-informed, loving, and supportive circle. Everyone's invited no matter what cycle day! This is a party you won't soon forget!

Registration is $50 and includes a speculum. To register, please click here.



sunday, july 10 at 10-11am (sold out)

Join Bree on a plant walk, identifying medicinal herbs, flowers, trees and roots and discovering how to create medicines using these local plant allies. This workshop is $25 to attend, please click 'add to cart' to register.

Bree Nabholz is a Registered Herbalist with  a herbal medicine practice in Edmonton AB. She is also a instructor at Wild Rose College and Pacific Rim College. 


Bree with leaf.jpg


sunday, july 10 at 3-4pm



A women's sexual healing + trauma integration circle.

If this scares you, you should probably be there.

But take the time to listen to your body.

If she calls you; come.

Registration is $111. To register, send an email to illuminarawellness@gmail.com


friday, july 8 at 8-9pm (sold out)

saturday, july 9 8-9am (sold out)

We will sit together in sacred circle. Calling upon the energies of Mother Nature through sacred mantras and we will connect with the original universe heart songs with our earthly sisters & spirit guides. Sharing circle, welcoming both sacred tears and laughter, grief and joy and the deepest peace beyond duality. Welcoming creative flow heart chanting and prayer from the group we will embark in the journey of cacao and we will end our experience with an intense Gong Bath. Cacao (Raw cocoa /chocolate) is a heart opening medicine which contains the bliss compound Anandamide.

The Cacao that we will be sharing that will support our Journey together is prepared and served with lots of prayers and love. 

Tickets are $22.22 to join, please register here.


sacred cacao ceremony with isabele

sunday, july 10 at 8-9am (SOLD OUT)



In the fresh early morning hours, join Earthly Blyss for a morning ceremony where you will be nourished with a scrumptious, light breakfast and warm cacao to expand your heart and energize your core! In this gathering you will be led through meditation, chanting and ceremony while working with the spirit of cacao to connect us to the earth and to our sisters.Registration is $25, to attend, please connect with Earthly Blyss via instagram @earthybliss or via email earthlyblyss@gmail.com.

friday, july 8 3-6pm (sold out)

Join Michelle, Nehiyaw medicine woman and matriarch of Moonlodge Medicine and Chris, an intiated drum maker from Sucker Creek First Nation on Friday at 3pm. You will build your very own 16” drum, customized in the color of your choosing: natural, red, brown, blue/green, or rainbow. All drums come with a mallet.  Investment for this workshop is $300 - we recommend early registration as this workshop WILL sell out! You will need to pre register by messaging Michelle at 780-523-1305. 


'heartbeat of mother earth'
build your own medicine drum

sunday, july 10 at 1-2 pm

Art Danielle Caners 19 by Elliana Allon.jpg

'CREATIVE PORTALS': a breathwork + mandala creation experience

Expand your nervous system and tap into flow state to activate your intuitive nature, gain insight and open your creative channels. Together we will activate with a breathwork practice and engage in self exploration through the ancestral practice of mandala creation. You will walk away with a meaningful piece of art and memento as well as some tools to tap into your innate creativity. All supplies included for $88! To register, click here.

saturday, july 9 3-4pm (sold out)

An offering that helps raise your feminine vibration and awaken your womb, which is the home of your authentic self. This offering provides transformation to help heal deep patterns from our ancestry and past that may be stored in our womb space, as well clear blockages within our cyclical nature. This practice initiates a rebirth cycle for each participant as it sends energy through the 4 archetypes of our cycle to awakening and balance them. Although each participant will receive their own individual mini Womb Blessing Attunement, they will be receiving in the power of sacred circle and therefore deepening the collective offering. There are 8 spots available  and the cost is $44 + GST. To register, click here.


Womb Blessing Attunement - Sacred Circle for Awakening the Divine Feminine

Saturday, july 9 5-630pm


'cuddle puddle' THE ULTIMATE GROUP HUG EXPERIENCE with lyssa horyn

Cuddle Puddle is a safe space that gives participants the opportunity to step into their power by tuning into their bodies (rather than their minds) in order to communicate their needs effectively around asking, responding, giving, and receiving physical touch. Cuddle Puddle was created in response to the impact that social isolation left on us all. Participants have found that Cuddle Puddle is a true lesson in empowered consent and has helped many people effectively tune in and communicate their needs. The cost to join the cuddle puddle is $25. Register here.

healer's village

Surrounded by forest (and faeries, too!) you will find a 'pop-up' village of tiny clinics, apothecaries, and treatment rooms to come and find a deeper sense of healing and integration from this transformative event. Our healers will be ready to receive clients Friday-Sunday - so come and experience a restorative treatment, a reading, or indulge in our 'nordic spa experience' with a sauna and cold dip. Healers will create their own unique schedule, so we highly recommend booking your session once you arrive - appointments are first come, first serve.



reconnect and deepen into the physical and energetic levels of the body with @empowered.hw


massage + reiki

free love feathers

mode juicery


a beautiful opportunity to have a one on one time with modern oracle and spiritual sage,


come for a mini acu session, ear seeds to go, and enjoy a tui-na massage and cupping to help release tension and balance qi.




come for a mini acu session, ear seeds to go, and enjoy a tui na massage and cupping to help release tension and balance qi.



image2 (1).jpeg

elise brathwaite





Book 1:1 for a higher self hypnosis with light language activations OR experience a sensually rejuvenating 'Royal Treatment' - a weaving of chakra balancing, sound healing, reflexology, essential oils and more with @jaideizon


1:1 hypnosis

free love feathers

mode juicery


experience the magic of @mandytrapp, lemurian midwife, meditation instructor, and spiritual guide, for yourself!

join the legendary @jillianschecher for a one on one joy session


come see @soulkissjourney and have your aura read (and take home a stunning polaroid print taken of your aura, too!)

image0 (3).jpeg


jillian schecher

aura photo

free love feathers

have your akashic records read by soul activation guide, @lisaraefreeman


akashic records

free love feathers

botanically charged facials using canadian green beauty brands, book a holistic facial treatment with @goodcarestudio

IMG_8508 (1).jpg

good care studio

free love feathers

experience a 1:1 somatic session with @katie_jolicoeur


katie jolicoeur

free love feathers

experience a womb healing session with Kate Nguy of @sheerevival- designed to reconnect you with your authentic self, awaken the womb, clear blocks and  replenish female energy.



free love feathers

tune into wellness with Cree Intuitive Healer, Mikwan. Using a combination of reiki, crystal and chime sound healing and oracle readings.


810_4518-Edit (1).jpg

mikwan energy works

empowering night photoshoots