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Quantum Roots

Hi, I’m Whitney,
I’m a physiotherapist and energetic practitioner and creator of Quantum Roots, Human Body Alchemy and Magnetic Touch Transformation.
I started Quantum Roots with the intention of creating a beautiful space to fully share my heart and gifts with the world. I combine physiotherapy clinical expertise with quantum energy healing in a process called Human Body Alchemy. Throughout my career, I have supported thousands through my evolving practice and continue to commit to approaching my work with clients with openness and curiosity. Working with me not only brings an expanded awareness to your current condition, but creates a safe container to build a deeper connection to yourself and feel FULLY alive and well.

I love a great outdoor adventure, celebrating the small things with my young family, Golden Retriever Summit and husband Joey, and working with my hands on something crafty, especially cooking, painting, pottery and gardening.

Human Body Alchemy Sessions: Where Physio Goes Quantum

Human Body Alchemy sessions are a 1:1 transformative healing experience, combining trauma-informed physiotherapy techniques with an energetic modality called Magnetic Touch Transformation. If you are simply drawn to this type of work, are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious, or are living with chronic pain or an unresolved health issue, a Human Body Alchemy session will guide you back to your power, leading you towards a more calm, joyful, and optimized state of BEing.

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