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Quantum Roots

Hi, I'm Whitney,

I’m an integrative physiotherapist, body intuitive and quantum somatic healer, here to bridge the gap between mind, body and spirit in health and healing. I help you understand the messages of your body, find purpose and power in your pain or struggle, and transform it from the inside out!

Through my awakening, I began to notice that the root causes of pain, dysfunction and dis-ease lie much deeper than the surface. Symptom management never felt right to me as a health care practitioner, and very quickly was led on my own journey in unravelling and remembering the mysteries and intelligence of the human body and its’ healing potential.

Human Body Alchemy is a personally crafted 1:1 experience that works to restore, rewire, and reconnect your body, subtle bodies and energy field to hold the highest version of you with ease! You are designed to live a life in colour, to feel calm, peace and freedom within!

*Note that as a registered physiotherapist, all sessions may be self-submitted under physiotherapy benefits held within the Province of Alberta.

Human Body Alchemy

Human Body Alchemy is a 1:1 multidimensional, all systems approach to your care that investigates and treats the root cause(s) of your pain or dysfunction, bringing you back into total alignment and reconnection with your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

In this discovery and transformational process, a wealth of hands-on physical therapies, somatic emotional-release techniques, and quantum healing are interwoven and applied in response to you and your body’s unique story. This approach provides a safe container to build a deeper connection to your body, your truest self and inner power. A whole body restoration and return to how you were originally designed — to feel fully alive, whole and well.

If you are looking to build a greater sense of trust and safety within your body, transform your pain into power and feel seen, heard and empowered on your wellness journey, Human Body Alchemy will guide you back to your power, leading you towards a more calm, joyful, and optimized state of BEing.

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