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Mikwan Energy Works

I am an Intuitive healer, Reiki Master and I have a passion for Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and sound healing. I love to connect with my Clients and take them on journeys to wellness using Sound. In connection with our Spirit teams, I am intuitively guided and blessed with amazing insight. In this sacred space of connection to the Ancestors, I act as a channel for their healing messages.

Sound Therapy & Oracle Readings

Intuitive Native Card Reading

Using the “Angels & Ancestors” card deck, the Intuitive Native Card reading is a 45-minute reading consisting of a 15-card spread that is meant to bring clarity to a specific topic. Beginning with connecting to Mother Earth and the Four Directions, we are asked to hold in our hearts and mind that which we are seeking clarity around. Mikwan acknowledges that you already know and she lets the cards speak to that as they present themselves. Mikwan holds space as you journey together to discover clarity and direction as spirit speaks through the cards.

Private Sound Bath

The practice of sound healing is older than time. It’s been around since Mikwan’s people went into ceremony with rattles, drums, and chanting. Sound can move energy, connect you to yourself and your ancestry, and facilitate healing at a vibrational level. Vibration holds space for the body to do what it already knows how to do: when overall peace and well-being are fostered, the body cannot do anything BUT heal itself.

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