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Held at a picturesque farm one hour west of Edmonton, Wild Roses Festival features multiple stages with presenters and performers, a bazaar of local, women led businesses featuring their soulful wares, an array of delicious nourishment from food vendors, a 3000 square foot rustic barn, a forest dance floor, a sprawling green space for camping accommodations, and soulful surprises at every turn.


Wild Roses Festival takes place on the homeland of Alexis First Nation, a division of Treaty 6 Land- and it is with so much privilege that we get to be apart of this land’s legacy.


Treaty 6 is home  to Blackfoot, Cree, Stony, Nakoda, Anishinabee, Ojibwe, Dene, Metis + other indigenous tribes whose  people who tended to this land, known as Kanata or Turtle Island. 

At Wild Roses Festival, it is crucial for everyone in attendance to know that before we dive into the work in discovering our own sovereignty, inner wisdom and reconnection- we must all be apart of rebuilding and reconciling in every way we can with this land and it’s original people.

We are proud to host a diverse group of BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color) from the ground up- as part of our presenter + performer village as well as our participants. We strive to a create inclusive, safe container for all women to be held, supported and seen.

A portion of our profits are donated every year to a charity commited to uplifting women + their families. (Native Women's Association of Canada ( was the charity donated to on behalf of Wild Roses Festival in 2021, and in 2022 we raised over $4000 for a local Indigenous family experiencing both systemic and physiological barriers).


We give reverence to our inspiration, the Alberta Wild Rose, whose resilient beauty weathers all of our storms, and comes back stronger each year in providing her sweet smelling nectar and nourishment to the bees, animals and human kind.

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