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The Wild Roses Festival is a gathering that celebrates sisterhood, reconnection, reskilling and rewilding of the divine feminine. Together, we weave a sacred bowl that holds the energy of unabashed allyship, raw authenticity, and the purest forms of wisdom and (self) love held by maidens, mothers and crones alike. Let this festival be a gift to yourself and a rite of passage- a time to drop the worries of the modern world behind and surrender to 'the village', comm-unity and the metamorphosis that awaits.

We give reverence to our inspiration, the Alberta Wild Rose, whose resilient beauty weathers all of our storms, and comes back stronger each year in providing her sweet smelling nectar and nourishment to the bees, animals and human kind. In a time of a 'great divide', let us come together and hold space for all seasons of perspectives and emotions with unity in our hearts. 


With deep gratitude to the land in which we are borrowing, we honor our time on the land and give back to it, leaving it more beautiful and clean with right reciprocity. This is a leave no trace event- please be apart of our ecosystem in keeping the land clean and free of debris.

We have curated the container of facilitators- incredible women from the all over our planet on Treaty 6 to share with us their wisdom, talent, and innate magic. From live acoustic performances, mindful movement, soulful guidance, reskilling through ancient methods and practices, and of course, an epic ecstatic dance party- you will find activating experiences around every corner. This is your weekend to receive- and also, to come and pour your own unique vibration to which we know will nourish the collective.

Wild Roses Festival offers an opportunity for women to come into rest, renewal and reconnection.  From relaxing at the Nordic Spa Circuit, to shopping our Marketplace, to getting a massage or oracle reading, to stargazing at night around the fire with friends, old and new- there is something for everyone here. With so many diverse experiences around every corner, it is up to you to intuitively choose your own journey on which feels aligned and in resonance 


Our vision for the festival is to co-create a container for the world we wish to live in. Women hold so much wisdom- and together we have so much to learn from eachother. Let us move forward with curiosity, empathy and solidarity to work together to come into right relationships with ourselves, and our planet.

Set an intention and allow yourself to open- knowing that every person you meet and experience you have is divinely timed. 



This festival calls in a level of healing, sisterhood and growth that is unlike any other festival in existence. This one weekend will fill your cup to such an abundant overflow that you will have a profound spill over to share and serve at your highest with your family, friends, community and self for the whole year!

  • When will I find out if I've been accepted?
    Approval emails will be sent out on, or before, January 15, 2024. Your approval email will contain all the details to confirm you as a Wild Roses Presenter, Performer or Instructor. If you are approved as an Instructor, rental fees for your space are due February 5.
  • Can I apply to present with more than one person?
    We encourage instructors and presenters to carry their workshop on their own, however, we are able to accommodate a small number of collaborative workshops or presentations with 2 people.
  • Can you expand more on the topics of presentations and workshops you're looking for?
    We are excited to hear all of your innovative proposals. Here are some examples of topics we look forward to receiving: Living with Grief + Trauma Financial Health Bead Work/Beaded Earrings Sourdough and Fermentation Culinary Workshops Permaculture Urban Gardening Herbalism Wild Harvesting Medicine making BIPOC Sharing Circle Queer Conversations Decolonized Wellness and Spirituality Eating Disorders Crone Wisdom Breast Wellness Menopause Parenting and Mothering Psychedelics Plant dying Fascia Work Sexuality + Eros Conscious uncoupling + divorice Pleasure activism
  • I want to attend, regardless if my application is approved. Should I buy a ticket, just in case?
    Absolutely. If you are selected as a instructor or performer after you've purchased a ticket, we will refund you.
  • What is the VIP night?
    The VIP night is a celebration that occurs on the Friday evening of the festival. This is a great opportunity for us to meet and mingle with our incredible crew of guides and facilitators, and shower you in gratitude and gratis!
  • If I am accepted as an Instructor, how do I take payments?
    When accepted, we will instruct you to add a registration page to your existing website. You will take your own payments and manage your own registrations.
  • If I offer a private workshop, what would you recommend for entry fees?
    Our private workshop instructors charge anywhere depending on the content. Ceremonies and circles usually range between $30-$60, where hands on crafting workshops usually charge upwards to $60-80 depending on cost of supplies and length of duration. We are always happy to work with you to set a meaningful price that will successfully sell out your event!
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