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a weekend of transformation

The Wild Roses Festival is a gathering that celebrates sisterhood, reconnection, reskilling and rewilding of the divine feminine. Together, we weave a sacred bowl that holds the energy of unabashed allyship, raw authenticity, and the purest forms of wisdom and (self) love held by maidens, mothers and crones alike. Let this festival be a gift to yourself and a rite of passage- a time to drop the worries of the modern world behind and surrender to 'the village', comm-unity and the metamorphosis that awaits.

We give reverence to our inspiration, the Alberta Wild Rose, whose resilient beauty weathers all of our storms, and comes back stronger each year in providing her sweet smelling nectar and nourishment to the bees, animals and human kind. In a time of a 'great divide', let us come together and hold space for all seasons of perspectives and emotions with unity in our hearts. 


With deep gratitude to the land in which we are borrowing, we honor our time on the land and give back to it, leaving it more beautiful and clean with right reciprocity. This is a leave no trace event- please be apart of our ecosystem in keeping the land clean and free of debris.

We have curated the container of facilitators- incredible women from the all over Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario) on Treaty 6 to share with us their wisdom, talent, and innate magic. From live acoustic performances, mindful movement, soulful guidance, reskilling through ancient methods and practices, and of course, an epic ecstatic dance party- you will find activating experiences around every corner. This is your weekend to receive- and also, to come and pour your own unique vibration to which we know will nourish the collective.

With so many diverse experiences around every corner- it is up to you to intuitively choose your own journey on which feels aligned and in resonance. Our vision for the festival is to c0-create a container for the world we wish to live in. Women hold so much wisdom- and together we have so much to learn from eachother. Let us move forward with curiosity, empathy and solidarity to work together to build a new earth, one we want to see for generations to come.

Set an intention and allow yourself to open- knowing that every person you meet and experience you have is divinely timed. 

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The Bloom Tent

Rosebud Stage

Rosehip Stage

A massive forest dance floor + presentation area. This area will be outfitted for larger gatherings including opening + closing ceremonies.

Walk past a waterfall into this quiet ceremony site that holds an electric energy of our ancestors. Powerful transformations + awakenings await us here.

The Bloom tent is a stargazer bell tent and presentation area that can hold up to 15 women for more intimate workshops. Check out all the workshops here.

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Matriarch Stage

The Boho Barn

The Healer's Village

The Matriarch Stage holds workshops centered around what it means to be a Matriarch: for all maidens, mothers and crones alike. 

The Boho Barn features a stage for presentations and cafeteria.

Surrounded by forest (and faeries, too!) you will find a 'pop-up' village of tiny clinics, apothecaries, and treatment rooms to come and find a deeper sense of healing and integration from this transformative event.


The Food Village

Wild Roses Marketplace

We are featuring delicious food options that have you covered for all three meals, plus snacks and tasty bevvies too- so please, come be NOURISHED and support these women founded, locally owned food vendors (and please, let us SERVE you!)

The Wild Roses Marketplace is a bustling outdoor 'hanger' sparkling with twinkling lights and some of Canada's most talented female artisans selling soulfully handcrafted wares that will delight your inner goddess!


The Nordic Spa

Sweat, cold plunge, rest, repeat! Learn more about the Nordic Spa experience here.

This festival calls in a level of healing, sisterhood and growth that is unlike any other festival in existence. This one weekend will fill your cup to such an abundant overflow that you will have a profound spill over to share and serve at your highest with your family, friends, community and self for the whole year!


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