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At Wild Roses Festival, our mission is centered around providing a nurturing environment for women to embark on their individual journeys of healing and growth, respecting their autonomy and personal timelines. We firmly believe in the inherent sovereignty of every woman, recognizing that she carries the answers she seeks within herself. Through carefully crafted workshop experiences, we empower women to navigate the depths of their inner selves at their own pace. Our role is to hold space, offering gentle and loving support as attendees chart their unique paths toward self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

Our heartfelt commitment is to meet women exactly where they are in their journeys, free from any preconceived agenda for their healing. As space holders, we show up, with compassion and presence to hold space for women who might be requiring additional support. We hold the firm belief that the mere energetic presence of compassion and love can wield a profound healing influence within the collective and beyond.

Space Holders at WRF serve as an extended pillar of support, complementing the assistance provided by facilitators and the team. A Space Holders role is to ensure that attendees feel genuinely held and supported throughout their journey during our time on the land. As a Space Holder, you hold the philosophy that attendees do not need to be fixed, and your role is to hold space for their process, believing in the innate healing power of each woman while offering support for integration.

What we're looking for

  1. Training/certification in a Psychology, Coaching or Spiritual field with 1-1 experience

  2. Trauma-Informed Training

  3. Ability to attend a 1 hour introductory gathering on Friday, July 5 

  4. Be flexible and accessible to space hold for 2 two hour shifts (one at the Wellness tent and one roaming shift)

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​Here are some of the many perks of being a Wild Roses Spaceholder:

  • Free admission to Wild Roses Festival with a $100 deposit refunded to you after hours completed

  • Be featured on our website and expand your reach to thousands of women in your niche audience

  • Engage with potential clients while sharing your gift doing what you love while surrounded by a community of women committed to their growth and evolution​


Volunteer positions for space holders are offered in exchange for 2 two hour shifts, during festival hours (held on Saturday and Sunday, in addition to the space holder orientation meeting on Friday. The full schedule will be determined closer to date).

Once accepted (we will send you an acceptance letter via email), you will need to confirm your placement as a Wild Roses Media Team Volunteer by submitting a $100 deposit. Once your hours have been completed, we will compensate full deposit 7-10 days post event. No refunds will be given in the event of cancellation or no show.

Have a question about spaceholding? Send Amanda an email at

Have you attended Wild Roses in the past?

Please upload a high quality headshot. This will be used on our website for chosen applicants.

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