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Ether & Essence

Stargazer. Crystal collector. Lover of authentic, kind, and passionate humans.

I’m Krista, a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Astrologer, among many other things. I am passionate about diving into the depths of our humanness and getting the absolute most out of our time on this big, beautiful planet.

I am honored to facilitate Chakra Alignment Sessions, sound baths, energy clearing, and natal birth chart readings.

I assist on your healing journey as a spiritual self-care facilitator and birth chart storyteller.

Chakra Alignment Sessions

Chakra Alignment Sessions

This 45 minute session is an energetic bath for your chakra system.

Being a Certified Crystal Practitioner (CCP) I work with the science of sound and energy vibration infused with energy clearing techniques to attune your chakras to their highest frequency with the assistance of crystals.

Keeping your energetic aura cleansed is important spiritual hygiene and a beautiful self-care treat for your soul.

After this session you may feel more peaceful, relaxed, lighter, and hopefully gain more energy and clarity in the days following.

We will finish your session with a mini sound bath, energy clearing, and a debrief of what came forward for both of us during the session. You may also be given a Crystal Prescription if needed with instructions on how to work with the crystals to continue the work we have done.

Please advise if there are any scent sensitivities as essential oils and incense are used in the space.

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