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Eccentric Energy

Hi! I'm TR of TR's Eccentric Energy. I am a registered massage therapist, reiki master, intuitive energy worker. The services I offer include massage therapy, reiki, access bars, sound healing sessions, and energy clearing of homes/spaces. I am incredibly passionate about guiding others to FEEL into their lives and into their bodies. I have a lot to offer and am intuitively guided through every session.

Massage Therapy, Sound Healing & Reiki

1) Sound Sessions - 45 minutes @ $95
These sessions have been created for this event specifically. Most sound healing offerings occur in a group setting. A full body, full sensory experience starting with a short guided meditation to tune you into your body and then guided through vibrational healing frequencies.

2) Reiki & Aura Cleansing - 60 minutes @ $105
Welcome to a one of a kind healing session. Release from the body, renew the mind, and revitalize the soul. This Energy clearing session is guided with Reiki combined with vibrational healing and palo santo.

Please prebook your treatment by email at or

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