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Earth Skin Studio

The intention behind Earth Skin Studio came about when our founder, Sabrina, was at a skincare exposition in Las Vegas. The amount of samples she accumulated after a weekend in the desert was beyond what anyone could use. After gifting some of the products away and donating others, she still had lots left over that ended up expiring and going to waste.

A couple of years later, after COVID-19 cleared up and we could all go back to somewhat normalcy, she took the chance to start something new. A skincare clinic and retail space that is focused solely on sustainable and low-waste skincare. Where even the facials are minimal to low waste; with every decision, we put the planet first.

Our facials induce a deep state of relaxation, resetting your nervous system, mind, and body as you melt into a heated bed.

At Earth Skin Studio, we offer various facials such as dermaplaning, red light therapy, gua sha, and our favourite, Lift and Sculpt Facial, which is a one-hour session of sculpting facial massage techniques.

Facials & Scalp Treatments

Gua Sha Facial: Restore the look of your skin with our Gua Sha Facial, a technique that has been widely used in Asia for thousands of years. It can help clear blockages, reduce puffiness and stagnation, detoxify, and enhance circulation by up to 400%. The treatment also activates collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin. Additionally, this facial includes hot stones that provide an even deeper grounding effect. 75min $140

Lift & Sculpt Facial: Experience a unique buccal and facial massage that tones, strengthens, and relaxes your facial muscles to create symmetry, lift, and definition. This ultimate facial massage involves 75min minutes of manual manipulation that sculpts and reshapes your face, leaving your spirit and skin revitalized and glowing. 75min $200

Add On's Available: LED Therapy, Facial Cupping, Reflexology Scalp Massage.

LED Therapy: Light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. 30min $30

Reflexology Scalp Treatment: Get ready for ultimate relaxation. The yin rake is used gently along the scalp, helping soothe the nervous system, relieving stress, and regaining balance and calm. Used in combination with our nourishing hair oil. 15min $20

Facial Cupping: Detox the skin, erase fine lines and brighten the complexion. Facial cupping promotes an increase in blood flow, brightens the complexion, and reduces fine lines. There are also many therapeutic benefits of cupping, such as reducing stress, helping TMJ, muscular tension, headaches, and sinus Issues. 15min $20

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