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Britanee McGuire + Ginette Martin

Drawn to the connection of how the body functions Brittanee has over 14 years of knowledge from Massage Therapy. Knowing that it’s okay not to be okay when life passes by a dark season has brought an emotional depth of understanding to her craft. She wants to shine her bright light into everyone’s day with her open heart and resilience.Brittanee has an outgoing spirit that is drawn to the simplicity of life. Growing up in a small community has brought deep connection into my life and my practice. She trusts in her kind heart along with her many years of experience and ongoing training to help guide others into healing. With extensive knowledge of Massage Therapy her practice is a unique blend of techniques and tools to release the whole-body system. Brittanee recently moved from a clinic setting into her home where she can really dive into making it her own. In the last two years she turned her trauma into healing through connection on the yoga mat deepening her relationship with body, mind & spirit.

Ginette was guided to Emotion Code in her search to support her struggling young son; the difference it made for him and her whole family led her to her soul’s purpose of helping other woman, mothers, children, and families. She is passionate about helping woman heal their emotional wounds by supporting them in releasing the energy of negative trapped emotions. Her intuition guides her to connect and work through layers to the root.
She has had the joy of working with individuals in person out a chiropractor’s office in Edson since 2016. In 2020 she started doing more sessions distantly over the phone, video communication or full distance. Bringing this empowering work to people of all ages from all corners of the world. Emotion Code is where her journey began but as her skills and intuition have grown over the years she weaves in so much more. She is heart centered in serving the greater good in the ripple effect that this work has proven time and time again.

Brittanee and Ginette have worked together for many years and in the past have taken their work connection that much further providing monthly yoga & group releases. The balance of their two skills and loving personalities works seamlessly together.

Massage + Emotion Code

Brittanee will be offering her Cloud 9 Scalp Massage Treatment. This will focus on shoulders, back, arms, face, neck and ears included. We will end this treatment with a balancing upper Charka cleansing. This beautiful offering will include invigorating hair oil. This offering is 45 minutes and will stimulate the scalp enhancing clarity & focus. Leaving participants feeling euphoric and melty. Her healing hands are guided by intuition to serve her clients on a higher level.

Emotion Code focuses on releasing the energy of trapped emotions from body, mind & soul. It supports those wishing to work on limiting beliefs, anxiety & depression symptoms as well as overall all mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. A build up of negative energy can also contribute to physical symptoms such as unexplained chronic pains, menstrual irregularities, chronic digestive pain and sleep disturbances.
In the Healer’s Village Ginette will be offering 45-minute sessions.
During a session participants will be able to relax on the comfort of a massage table. Muscle testing is used to pinpoint the emotions and energies needing to be worked through and released. The subconscious mind is guiding the path and all that is released will be shared and discussed throughout the session. Generally, the experience is very relaxing and gentle, but at times can be emotional; Ginette’s compassionate energy holds space for such releases. A detailed report of everything that is released will be emailed to all participants and full confidentiality is held in the utmost regard.

Together Brittanee and Ginette share a space within the Healer’s Village. Honouring that both of their crafts take energy and wanting to provide the best experience for each participant that graces their tent doors they will have separate individual times where each of them will share their sacred skills. Sharing the space allows them both to utilize the space to its utmost throughout the event. They will also be providing a select few time slots, 45 minutes in length, where both will be offering their skills in a unique combination of massage & emotional release.

Brittanee’s expertise is an investment of $75
Ginette’s sessions are an investment of $70.

Their combined experience is $110

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