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Sola Olorunleke

Sola’s love for accessories started like most young girls with playing with her mum’s jewelry and accessories. The love for creating became ignited when she made bridal jewelry for a family friend. This love for creating and sharing her creations has grown over the years and gave birth to Philia Bijoux. Sola truly believes that accessories can lift the spirit. As your jewelry brings your outfit together, home accessories do the same to your home. The home jewelry Sola creates are meant to bring a smile to your face and light to your spirit and others that enter your space.

Let’s Create The Rosalind Home Jewelry Together

In this workshop, we will create The Rosalind wall jewelry together. The Rosalind can be hung close to a window to reflect sunlight or on a wall or from the ceiling on any part of the room.

Each participant will receive the Rosalind DIY kit (this contains everything you need to make your piece.
In this class, you will learn to wrap gemstones round one of the Brass circles as well as assemble your wall jewelry.

Tools like pliers and wire cutters will be provided for attendees to use during the class.

Participants will have the option to choose the gemstone they want on their piece. Options are Amethyst, Rose quartz, Clear quartz or onyx.

Price Per Person: $65

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