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Shreyasi Ramaiah Brodhecker

In the wake of the Full Moon in Cancer and being in the aura of Divine Mother, I am writing a second application today for your festival! This one has a different theme, and would be best structured as a workshop for a more intimate circle.

I am Shreyasi Ramaiah Brodhecker. I am a woman, a healer, a listener to the earth and my horses, and I am a space holder for women of all ages and walks in life. I am called to share my gifts of being a healer and helping women explore their stories, the ones we store deep within our bodies, so deep they cannot be accessed.

With my own healing path now on the womb wisdom journey, I am offering womb stories sessions, which are safe trauma informed spaces where womb bearers (those born with a biological womb, regardless of where their journey has taken them) can be seen, heard and known. Where they have a chance to share the stories that their womb wants the world to know- stories of pleasure, pain, honor, dishonor birthing, birth loss, change of life into the croneship years, and more.

My gifts are to hold women in a safe intimate space, my intuition, my ties to the Earth and my body, and my connections to the natural world and the world of animal wisdom. Specifically, horse wisdom, that also plays a role in the healing of women's trauma and helping their reclaim their wisdom!

A Womb Stories Circle: Healing and Honoring Our Wombs

Welcome Sweet Women to this sacred circle! We will gather as our grandmothers did for centuries past and time immemorial, in the red tent, moon lodges and around the fire.

This Womb Stories Circle will be a gentle meditative portal into a deeper connection with your womb. Following a gentle breath and body practice, you’ll be guided into a meditative journey to meet Divine Mother in your womb. On this journey, you will meet the immaculate love that exists there for all of us.

Following this journey, we will open the Womb Stories Circle, where we each have an opportunity to share the stories that matter to us, which might include our first blood, where we may be journeying on the womb continuum, and our fears and desires as women. As you share your story, you feel what it means to be the wise woman of your womb and you are held tenderly in this gathering of women. In this way, you begin the journey of knowing and being guardian of your womb - dipping into her ancestral wisdom and messages for your healing.

We end with singing and dancing in nature, as we connect to Mother Earth and into our bodies.

Price Per Person: $33

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