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Rebecca Antonio & Carissa Chaba

Rebecca: It is my passion to promote a different approach to beauty and aging. One that involves self-love and acceptance, respecting the skin and being present with yourself. The skin is our largest organ and our vessel; how we appear to the world. Facial massage is not only a way to connect in with our body but also an effective way to lift and create more symmetry in the face. I have spent the majority of my adult life finding ways to advocate, nurture and connect with women. As a previous doula and now a facialist, authentic connection is always at the forefront of my offerings. Finding ways to include heart-centred approaches by adding energy work, somatic techniques and breath-work into my treatments.
IG: @thoughtsofbec

Carissa: Through facial massage I have found my passion; Something that truly brings together the mind, body and soul. I'm passionate about helping people find presence within themselves and in their body. I find it so beautiful to be able to connect with my clients through breath-work, meditation, somatic practices and sound healing. I think it's so important to work with the energy body as well as the physical when it comes to any ailments. Combining my education in medical aesthetics, holistic nutrition and shamanism, I love to create holistic treatments that go deeper than the skin.

Embodied Facial Massage with Rebecca and Carissa of Form Facial Studio

Learn how to calm the nervous system with breath and self-connection, using massage techniques to sculpt the face and relieve jaw tension. Learn lymph stimulation techniques to increase flow and drain the face. Feel empowered to use your gua-sha and dry brush to enhance your skincare routine. We want you to leave feeling inspired to use connected and loving techniques with amazing results at home.

Price Per Person: $88 (includes dry brush and gua sha)

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