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Melanie Ben Diaf

As a Joy + Freedom facilitator, a soul nurturer, food lover and mentor for families and children, I have seen time and time again how food can bring people together in the most soulful ways! Part of my love languages is to feed others. Most importantly, I teach others how to bring it all together for themselves and the people they love. I feel many of forgotten the power and impact of sitting, eating and sharing together. I'm here to awaken this in the most soulful and easy way.

Connecting Family Through Food: A Culinary Joy Experience

Hello Roses! Let's rediscover how to bring connection, harmony and laughter back into our homes through culinary arts and a transformative Joy Session™️.
This workshop is your gateway to reimagining the kitchen as a hub for creativity and bonding!

Master the art of effortless cooking and revive Joy at the heart of your home—the kitchen table!

Collaborate with fellow participants to craft & share a delightful and nourishing dinner to kickstart your weekend at Wild Roses!

Price Per Person: $55

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