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Krys Ama & Sarah Zandbeek

Sarah has always been interested in studying the human body and how it works scientifically, energetically and physically. Her studies in Chinese medicine has brought her great joy in the deep discovery of how our body is Nature itself and they support and mimic one another in their Essence. She graduated from the Acupuncture program in 2013 and has since infused this wisdom into everything she does. In 2014 Sarah studied Embodied Flow which began her journey into somatic practices and moving through and from different systems in the body.
IG: @sarahzandbeek

Krys is an intuitive food crafter, wild forager, home herbalist, retreat caterer, word weaver, and cyclical living educator. To her, gathering around good food is a form of ceremony, and she is passionate about guiding others home to nature and their bodies through the nourishment on their plates.
IG: @rewildkitchen

Somatic Sips: A Medicinal Broth Ceremony

In every season of womanhood, we are invited home to our innate cyclical nature that roots us in our earthly experience. When we learn to let the seasons guide us, we embrace a willingness to slow down, reflect and rewild. Through mindfully sipping a nourishing broth, paired with somatic exploration and guided meditation and served through ceremony, we allow the fullness of our experience to ground us, and keep us open and present enough to receive it. As a gift, each participant will receive a hand crafted botanical spice blend to add to their next batch of homemade broth.

Price: $80 per person

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