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Kate Nguy

Kate Nguy, ‘The Womb Revivalist’, is a Sacred Womb & Cycle Coach and a Certified Level 3 Moon Mother. She is a Best Selling Author and has been a guest speaker on stages and summits worldwide. She is known for her deep interest and enthusiasm for everything and anything that has to do with the magic and mystery of the female body. It’s Kate’s mission is to help women to radically defy the stories they are told about their body, so that they can attune to the sacredness of their cycle and feel empowered in their body’s ability to heal through alignment of the womb & divine feminine energy. It’s her passion to bring ancient wisdom to meet the modern body.

Group Womb Blessing Attunement

A womb Blessing Attunement - Female Energy Awakening is an offering that helps raise your feminine vibration and awaken your womb, which is the home of your authentic self. This offering provides transformation to help heal deep patterns from our ancestry and past that may be stored in our womb space, as well clear blockages within our cyclical nature. This practice initiates a rebirth cycle for each participant as it sends energy through the 4 archetypes of our cycle to awakening and balance them.

As a Sacred Circle of women we will be coming together to receive this offering. Although each participant will receive their own individual mini Womb Blessing Attunement, they will be receiving in the power of sacred circle and therefore deepening the collective offering.

When our womb centre is energized and replenished, it helps ground us, opens our heart, and ignites the brain to connect with the moon. This process initiates deep spiritual changes and connections within oneself. It connects us back to our WOMB, the home of our authentic self.

What to Bring:
-Anything you would like to bring for the alter in the center of our circle (crystal, picture, anything significant to you)
-Water Bottle
-Journal if you are someone who likes to record things that may have come up for you during your treatment

Price Per Person: $44

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