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Karla Rice

Karla is a bold and passionate holistic health practitioner & wellness enthusiast.

A mama of 3 sweet littles (soon to be 4), Karla believes in owning EVERYTHING about her life and loves inspiring those around her to do the same.

As a Joy and Wellness Warrior, Karla is passionate about helping others to own their story, take full responsibility for their wellness and teach them how to nourish themselves and feel better in their bodies. She uses a holistic approach to teach and guide the ready ones to reclaim their health with sacred discipline and loving compassion.

One ancient skill she thoroughly enjoys sharing is the art and science of sourdough bread making! The foundation of sourdough baking always starts with a healthy starter just like our body needs a healthy gut to thrive!

Sexy Sourdough Starter Basics

It is true, the bread at your local grocery store is no good for YOU.

You came here to experience health!

Understand how important your gut health is for overall optimal wellness and why sourdough is a great food for your gut.

Each Participant will take home a little sourdough starter from Karla’s Joy Kitchen & a downloadable PDF document on sourdough starter basics!

Unlock your new superpower… “Be like sourdough, break down, build back, and bloom under pressure”

Learn how to maintain a thriving healthy sourdough starter so you can start to make naturally leavened sourdough bread on your own. Sourdough isn’t a recipe it is a process that requires time and learning. Learn to love the slow and intentional ways of a sourdough starter.

This class is infused with a JOY SESSION WORKSHOP to connect you with your new starter & guide you to honour your body, your gut and your truth, your sacred sexy self. This workshop also includes a soulfully guided joy/gut meditation with journal prompts to guide you on your new sourdough starter journey and sexy self!

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