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Kade Bailey & Tara Teng

Kade is a counsellor and creative who specializes in mind body spirit holism and helps women find their worth and a home within themselves again. For the last ten years Kade has specialized in working with addiction and mental illness; taking a keen interest in developmental trauma and is rooted in the principles of Hakomi therapy. Kade uses her somatic approach in her work as a photographer connecting women back to themselves and their bodies with a focus on mindfulness, movement, and the wisdom of the body to bring ourselves back to wellness and develop the skills necessary for rich satisfying lives.

Tara Teng (she/her) is an Embodiment Coach who works in the intersections of spirituality and sexuality. She helps people find their way back to their bodies, overcome shame, heal trauma and dismantle purity culture in a way that is in alignment with their values and beliefs so that they can build a healthy, sexual ethic and thrive in freedom and wholeness. Aside from her 1:1 coaching, Tara hosts women’s circles, workshops, online classes and retreats on the topics of embodiment, justice, sexuality, and relationships. Her debut book, “Your Body is a Revolution: Healing Our Relationships with Our Bodies, Each Other and the Earth” was published June 2023 from Broadleaf Books and Dundurn Press and is available in print, e-book and audiobook everywhere books are sold. Beyond her work, Tara is a TEDx Speaker, a former Miss Canada and was named Canada’s “Woman of the Year” in 2011. She is one of the Globe and Mail’s “Top 25 Most Transformational Canadians”, received an International Heroes award from the Joy Smith Foundation, as well as the Diamond Jubilee medal from Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of her vast human rights work.

Price: $95

Heal Your Gaze: A Somatic Journey To Body Liberation Through Movement & Embodied Portraiture

Heal Your Gaze: A Somatic Journey To Body Liberation Through Movement & Embodied Portraiture

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