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Elementa Rituals

ELEMENTA weaves the teachings of the elements for us to become familiar with oneself. We are passionate about sharing the Ancient Art of Sacred Gathering. Remembering this has been the greatest gift along our paths and has brought us healing on all levels. Moving through Practices, Rituals, and Ceremonies, ELEMENTA offers intentional experiences that root you down deep while being held in a group container.

The ethos of ELEMENTA is anchored in self-honouring, elemental wisdom, and the integration of all aspects of the self. Authenticity and integrity are upheld within this modern-day paradigm as ELEMENTA stands for True Expression.

In the summer of 2021, Alyssa and I were both drawn to Wild Roses Festival and is where we first locked eyes. Neither of us had ever been to a festival by ourselves, nevertheless, we followed our intuition which led us there.

Upon our integrations back home, destiny led us to each other on the web. Before any exchange of words, we found ourselves in the same cafe. With a dash of courage, we approached each other to say hello. Immediately we knew that there was magic between us.

On our first afternoon together we sipped Cacao and opened up about our dreams; that of bringing women together in Circle under the Full Moon. Within only 5 weeks, the dream came true, and we birthed our first ever Goddess Gathering.

Elemental Cacao Journey

As we circle in the bloom tent, we will invite the Spirit of Cacao to Spiral your awareness deep into your heart. As her medicine helps you to soften into the subtle layers of your truth, we will bathe you in Sound & Guidance to meet your own Unique Elemental Goddess. Within each of us, lay our Authentic Elemental Goddess. Embodied, Empowered, Engaged. A Being who embraces all facets of herself. This being who resides inside of us craving to be set free. A Creature so intimate with each one of her cycles that she is able to hold herself through the periods of Death & of Rebirth with the same grace.

Included in this Gathering is a warm cup of Cacao, a Shamanic Drum Journey to meet your Elemental Goddess, a protective Icaro Song Bath, and space to be witnessed & witness our sisters in sharing (optional)

Price Per Person: $75.70

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