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Charlie Webb & Danusia Bialowa

About Charlie:
Having 15 years of experience working in frontline mental health services, I began to recognize the reactive and revolving door nature of how mental health is treated in our communities. I started Nurtured Minds Wellness with a goal of creating accessible and proactive services to those who are looking for growth or change. I understand the important of practicing through a holistic lens and have a passion for helping women connect with their feminine power. So many of us were made to feel small or insignificant by families or social narratives, I see this as a time to empower our women to tap into our abundance and break free from the perceived restrictions we experience.

Above that I prioritize time in nature as part of our mission at Nurtured Minds. We offer walk and talk sessions and some other nature based services including Guided Forest Therapy. Our connection with nature has become disconnected in our modern world, and I believe there is magic in reconnecting us to where we came from.

Guided Forest Therapy Walk (Free Admission, Pre-registration Required)

Step into nature's embrace for an enchanting journey of rejuvenation and inner harmony. Let
the forest's whispers and fragrant melodies guide you on a mindful exploration, melting away
stress and awakening your senses. Discover the healing benefits of forest therapy as you
immerse yourself in the tranquility of the woods, experiencing reduced stress, enhanced mood,
and a deep connection with nature. Join us at the Wild Roses Festival and rediscover the peace
and renewal found in the heart of the forest.

This is a no cost workshop, however, pre-registration is required.

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