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Zahava Rose

Zahava is a Red School Menstrual Mentor, Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator, and Natural Fertility Coach from New York with an MA in Education. Besides her focus in Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Reproductive Health, she has accumulated over 10 years of personal study and experiences across different countries on varying healing modalities, nervous system regulation, meditation (Vipassana), intimacy, shamanic sexuality, tantra, yoga, Pranayama, breathwork, nutrition, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

Zahava founded The Rose School to weave together the science and energetics of the Menstrual cycle using evidence based data and personal experience. She teaches two curriculums touching on Natural Fertility & Reproductive Health and Psycho-emotional archetypal frameworks. Her mission is to create spaces of remembrance, where women feel safe to make their own informed choices for their overall well being and health, connecting to their intuitive knowing and body sovereignty. The Rose School supports people in their processes of embodiment, reproductive health, fertility, conscious evolution, self healing, Rites of Passage, and intimacy. The Rose School holds international workshops, already across 7 countries, guiding cyclical beings to their inner rhythms and unique wisdom through lectures, visuals, and somatic movement experiences.

Nature and Menstruality - Weaving The Science and Energetics Of The Menstrual Cycle

This workshop will be an introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness (aka MCA) as a mindfulness practice and empowerment tool for menstruating girls and women, enabling a deeper understanding of the physical, psychological and emotional ebbs and flows we experience each cycle.

MCA fosters an intimate sense of connection with ourselves and the world we live in and has the potential to connect us with our deep seated inner power and calling as women on this Earth.

Through the workshop we will explore a framework inspired by the Red School teachings and go on a journey into the cyclicality of being, giving you tools to feel more empowered and in tune with your body and that of Earth.

We will explore the all pervading two main currents of Life: the rise and fall, the inhale and the exhale, the contraction and expansion, the feminine and masculine principles, the Yin and Yang energies and what the Red School names the Via Positiva and the Via Negativa. Two archetypal powers which are both opposites and complementary and which bleeding women experience throughout each menstrual cycle. Understanding these currents enables us to be more in tune with our own body and that of Earth.

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