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Shevani Nall

With the intention to nourish, soothe and empower her listeners and with healing & curiosity at the core of her artistic work. Born into a lineage of multicultural roots. Shevani's sound is soulful, ethereal and sensual. She says: “When I sing I connect to my spirit, my ancestors and the natural world around me

I have been classically trained vocally, only to break all the rules to discover my artistry. Nature, universe, god speak to us in many ways, if only we listen. We have two ears and one mouth for that reason. Travelling the world, learning from my esoteric teachers I bring the ability to reach and communicate through listening and voice. I am able to teach every person to sing with intention, and this collectively becomes incredibly powerful, un-earthly.

I seek to create spaces for music as communion. A place for all peoples to come together, sing, pray and find their own way.

Live Performance

We first start by warming up the face and body, making noises, making sounds, breaking our own barriers- we then warm our cakras placing our hands 2 inches away from each centre, scaning the body with thought and voice, singing it's vowel or the Indian classical solfeggio. Now we are ready to Chant some mantra's, Harmonize and Play.

We bring on more good vibrations using the Circle singing technique, The music is entirely improvised melodies, rhythmics and textures travel from singer to singer, perpetually morphing.

Bring something for the altar (to be taken back fro good vibrations)

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