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Sheetal Story

Sheetal is a Psychic Medium, Professional Certified Astrologer, Grief Support Counsellor and a Law of Attraction Master Coach. While she also has a business degree and comes from a corporate background, her heart is in helping people now in her own business. She teaches people how to cultivate and trust their intuition, overcome grief, self-sabotage and obstacles, to live a life that sets their soul on fire! 🔥

Manifesting by the Moon: How to Manifest with Each Zodiac Moon and Run Your Own Moon Circles

For centuries, the people of Earth has used the Moon to navigate life. We created rituals around the cycles of the Moon, planted crops according to the Moon and even planned events according to the Moon’s guidance. When understand the themes that were coming to the surface for each New and Full Moon, we can manifest using the cycles and energy she brings to this planet. And yet somewhere along the way we have lost her wisdom and forgotten how to access and flow with this powerful energy. In this informative class, I am going to show you how to manifest according to the Moon, understand the themes of each zodiac Moon and how to share this knowledge in the form of Moon Circles. We can come together and co-create with the Moon and create sisterhood and community, to amplify our manifestations! And since there is a beautiful New Moon in Cancer on Friday July 5th, what better to time to create a safe space to learn and grow together with the energy of new beginnings!

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