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Sarah Farrell

Yoga and sound have been profound healers on my life journey. For the first time in a yoga class, I experienced the importance of looking inwards and creating a sacred sanctuary inside. Yoga has bolstered me with tools and techniques to navigate the ups and downs of my physical and mental health. The profound shifts and healing I've experienced on my mat has deeply inspired me to hold space for others to go inwards and develop self-awareness, self understanding, and self compassion.
The inner journey sets us up with the ability to have meaningful and loving relationships with others. I want to break down the barrier of competition and judgement between women and to fully embrace each other as we are. This ultimately starts with our relationship we have with ourself. Yoga and meditation have been powerful tools in my healing tool kit that has and still supports me as I peel back the layers and band aids I had surpressed my wounds with so I can get to the pure essence of who I am.

When I began to heal the wounds that were impacting my ability show myself unconditional love and support, my external relationships reached depths and deep connections that I had never experienced before.

Radiance Flow: Nourish Your Glow

Alright babes, you've been on a profound healing journey, and now, let's come together to flow and breathe. My name is Sarah Farrell, and I am so excited to share my Radiance Flow yoga class with you! Yoga and sound have been at the epicenter of my healing journey, and in this class we'll blend together the powerful healing techniques of yoga with intentional rhythm and soothing sounds, directing our focus to our sacred sanctuary within, and nourish our inner glow.

This is your moment to check in, creating space for physical, emotional, mental, and energetic transformation. The vibrant rhythm of our practice fuses the elements of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. By uniting these two yoga lineages, we effectively break through stagnant energy, building a strong body and steady mind. The class finishes with a long savasana and meditation for integration and deep rest. The result? A radiant glow emanating from the steadiness of your inner world, leaving you with an energized mind and body.

Angeli and I will provide adjustments, enhancing your experience as you nurture your inner world. If you prefer not to receive adjustments, simply place the provided card at the top of your mat.

Let's glow girls!

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