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Natalie Reimer Anderson

s a former high performance athlete, Natalie thought she had it made...until it all came crashing down. The calling of Spirit on Natalie’s life came from her brush with illness that invited her to explore the link between dis-ease and self-perception.

Since overcoming her autoimmune condition she has turned her pain into purpose and has since helped hundreds to fall in love with their life by empowering them to release what no longer serves, end people-pleasing with win-win boundaries, and stoke fires of expanding gnosis by learning where we need to say “NO, sis!!"

She guides women on their soul’s unique path to find the treasure that hides within the map told by their personal stories and subconscious beliefs.

With her gift of deeply intuitive listening, she’ll coax forward your truth and re-introduce you to your authentically beautiful Self as she cuts through fear-facades and shines the laser light of unconditional love with precision focus of intentional, gentle yet fierce, compassionate inquiry and cosmic heart-sourced transmissions that clients and friends call "profound and instantaneously healing".

Natalie has finally embraced her weird and wild wholiness. She wants that for you too.

And she’ll have you believing in your magic again.

Free Will, Boundaries and Your Sacred ‘No’

Free will is the most precious gift from our Creator but a lifetime of learned people-pleasing, over-giving, co-dependency and the mistaken beliefs that we must earn our worthiness and prove our goodness eventually leads to resentment, inauthentic relating, frustration and even dis-ease.

Healthy boundaries are the key to reclaiming self-sovereignty and taking your place on the throne in your life to live it on your own terms. Learn how to allow your authentic voice and intuitive choice to emerge loud and clear above the programming. Your relationships, purposefulness and self-respect will improve dramatically when you honour your sacred ‘No’ so you can live your holy YES!

Using a fun interactive and revealing opening exercise/game, making the participants the case-studies, Natalie will facilitate a conversation and open up the dialogue with the participants about free-will, consent, people-pleasing, individual expression and group-dynamic pressures to reveal the "why" behind the choices we make in the microcosm of a group setting that reflects the macrocosm of our multifarious worldviews.

This exercise and the conversation it inspires serves to illustrate how our subconscious self-perception informs our choices and judgments of self and other, and may be secretly blocking our true desire when in fact, living our most authentic truth, through our passion-fuelled desire and authentic choice is the greatest gift we can give the world.

Be ready to learn your non-negotiable line in the sand and where you can remain self-sustainingly flexible.

Be ready to discover the decision-making processes of your sisters, revealed to you in real time, opening up to greater love and understanding of self and one another.

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