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Michelle Hanson-Cunningham

Michelle is lovingly refered to as our 'Kokum of the Rose'.

A Néhiyaw Medicine Woman from Joussard, Alberta, Michelle is the Matriarch of the Moonlodges and seek to help heal the inner child wounds that hold women back from their full potential. Going into the dark places of emotional healing to see the transformation is powerful.

Message from Michelle: "This is the fourth year the HEALER of the wheel the North I see the Ancestors watching over us and asking us to remember to understand why you choose to join the women in a weekend of powerful blooming."

Michelle offers grounded knowledge in the Moon's Messages with the Medicine Wheel as a teaching tool to guide women to look into their Inner Child work. Michelle offers monthly Moon Lodge Ceremonies in the Alberta area and is also the co-owner of Tri-Spirit Creations along with her husband Chris, offering Medicine Drum Building.

Touching Your Destiny With Your Inner Child's Voice

Come and journey with Michelle, of Moon Lodge Medicine.
The moons are an integral part of the Medicine Wheel. Our journey spins at every turn of the wheel.
What is your inner child speaking to your heart? Explore your Inner medicine wheel and listen to your inner guidance.

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