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Lily Monaghan

Born and raised in the Canadian prairies of Alberta, Edmonton singer-songwriter Lily Monaghan never fails to leave a lasting impression with her warm, unique tone and hypnotizing presence.Her recognizable velvety voice starkly contrasts yet beautifully complements the delicate acoustic guitar, easily emotionally connecting with her audience through her signature biographical original songs and conversation - stopping melodies. Fusing together elements of folk, pop, and country; Monaghan released her debut EP ("Introspection") in February of 2023, subsequently earning her spotlight artist features on keystone media outlets such as CBC, CKUT (Toronto), Roots Music Canada, and the Edmonton Journal.
With a deep passion for songwriting, Monaghan creates an intimate and emotional musical experience that audiences are sure to remember. Some noteworthy performances include Winnipeg Folk Fest (2023), JUNOfest (2023), and the Government of Canada's Canadian Citizenship Ceremony (2023). With her skills consistently evolving, Lily is constantly raising the bar and will continue to share her art and expand within the music community. Seizing any opportunity to create music, Monaghan draws inspiration from many songwriters including Chris Stapleton, Hozier, and Stevie Nicks.
Tapping into the lonely and liberating experience of girlhood, Monaghan exercises her deep self awareness and writes from her soul as she taps into topics of longing, hope, heartbreak, acceptance, and understanding. Recognized for "pluming the depths of her vulnerability as a woman" (Chad Hukulac, Edmonton Journal), Lily's primary goal is to use her writing as a communication tool from her heart to yours as she experiences life for the first time.

Live Performance

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