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Kelly Gray

Kelly Gray is a compassionate healer and certified life coach specializing in healing from the Mother Wound and narcissist-empath relationship patterns. Kelly’s formal training includes International Coaching Federation certification and completion of Dr. Gabor Maté’s yearlong intensive Compassionate Inquiry Professional Program, focusing on the latest science and research in the fields of childhood development, trauma, nervous system regulation, stress, and addiction. Kelly also draws from her personal journey of healing from her Mother Wound and toxic relationship patterns to guide women in their healing journey to become the empowered Creator of their lives. Kelly's healing journey included working with Amazonian plant medicines to learn from the plant teachers and the Shipibo People of Peru, where she underwent a spontaneous spiritual awakening and embarked on a two-year Dark Night of the Soul. Kelly helps women reclaim their empowerment, awaken to their true essence, heal their family lineages, and rebirth a new possibility for our children and our culture. She offers sound bath meditations, sacred cacao ceremonies, QHHT past life regression, workshops, and individual coaching.

Heal Your Mother Wound: And Become the Empowered, Thriving Adult You Were Always Meant to Be

workshop for those navigating an unresolved Mother Wound, offering an opportunity to step forward on the path to creating an empowered, thriving life.

A Mother Wound arises when the maternal bonding process with the child falls short — whether due to criticism, shame, abuse, absence, addiction, mental or physical illness. Even if physical needs are met, a Mother who is not emotionally present, safe, and attuned to her child can leave lasting scars.

Have you had a difficult relationship with your Mom and are experiencing:
- A longing to be loved and feel lonely even when partnered
- A sense that I don’t know who I really am
- A sense that my life is too small: I have a hard time trying new things, putting myself out there, I fear “making mistakes” and failing
- Often, but not always, find myself in relationships with narcissists and abusers: the narcissist-empath relationship dynamic

Join us for a nurturing educational session to discover how the difficult relationship you’ve had with your Mom has set the stage for the challenges in your adult life. Together, we’ll learn how our unmet childhood needs contribute to our adult struggles and how to start to shift these patterns to become the empowered, thriving adult you were always meant to be.

Workshop Focus:

1. Personal Journey: Explore my transformative journey from a history of toxic relationships to a life filled with love and fulfillment.
2. Adaptations and Coping Mechanisms: Understand how your body, mind, and spirit developed coping mechanisms in childhood, affecting your adult life. Mindfully interrupt these patterns to shift energy away from outdated dynamics.
3. Unmet Childhood Needs: Discover how unmet childhood needs manifest as specified challenges in adulthood, as outlined in the workshop introduction.

Workshop Outcomes:

1. Self-Acceptance: Realize that you’re not broken; learn how adaptations shaped by a challenging childhood are a natural response.
2. Clarity on the Mother Wound: Gain insight into how your unresolved Mother Wound has influenced your adult life. Recognize ingrained habits of powerlessness and understand their origins.
3. Empowerment Journey: Initiate the journey towards empowerment by educating yourself on the roots of your experiences. Cultivate self-compassion as the key to a truly empowered life.

Healing allows us to reclaim our empowerment, uncover our gifts and passions, fearlessly express our true nature, and become the thriving adult we were meant to be.

Join me for this nurturing 60-minute workshop, and let's take a stride forward in self-empowerment together.

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