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June (Mikwan) Palmer

I was gifted the name Mikwan in a night lodge.

It means feather in my Cree Language (pronounced) me-gwan I am a proud Nihiyaw Iskwiw (native woman) from Namesis Sahkahikanihk. (Sturgeon Lake, Alberta CANADA)

My name is June Palmer, I am the youngest daughter of Ann & Norm Mitchell. I am a proud Cree Iskwiw, Intuitive Energy Healer. I use my strong connections to my Spirit guide team as well as Alchemy Crystal singing bowls to support my clients on their healing path. My unique blend of sound medicine and energetic connection, take you on a gentle journey through Mind Body and Spirit. My sessions promote relaxation, release on many levels, clarity and insight. As I take you into this deep state of connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and Channel messages from Spirit, and facilitate deep relaxation where the body can truly heal.
I believe that sound medicine can help grief and any heaviness that we are holding, if we are willing to create the space in our hearts and let the music in. Getting tuned into true alignment of your vibration,
that is Uniquely You!

Mikwan's Maskihkiy : Closing Soundbath Ceremony

Join us for our closing ceremony and into a journey of sound. Allow the frequencies and vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Zaphyr Chimes, Hand & Ocean Drums take you deep into a place of restoration and integration before we sail home.

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