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Jillian Schecher

Since 2015 I’ve been actively walking out The Joy Work in this world.

I got sober and got into alignment with myself. A couple years later I serendipitously stumbled upon meditation and everything clicked.

After that I began intensely studying law of attraction and circling with other healers and thought leaders…(Mallorie Buoy @homebody.healing + Usha Anandi @wombenwellness)

In 2017 I lost my grandparents 5 weeks apart from each other and was connecting with spirit more deeply than ever before.

This was where I learned the depths of soul joy and the possibilities of experiencing Joy and grief simultaneously. This was when The Joy Warrior was born.

It’s where I found strength and softness. It’s where I began to see clearly life as more than just what you see. It’s when I started tapping into my gifts and soul purpose even more deeply…

My mission is to light up the world like a field full of fucking fireflies by teaching the practice of JOY and that Joy is who we are by nature. Often we just need the remembrance - enter daily practice;)

I created The Daily Joy Journal in 2020 to support the daily practice of Joy (which it is!) I am currently in the process of publishing The Leadership Edition. The next level of what Joy requires from us.

I’m super excited to bring this next level of wisdom to Wild Roses this year!!

The Magic of Joy Leadership

What gets to happen when you take FULL accountability for your Joy?

Join Joy + Mindfulness Coach Jillian Schecher for an all-new Joy Session to explore the next level of Joy – JOY LEADERSHIP.

Gain awareness around the blindspots that may be holding you back AND get inspired to shift into the limitless possibilites!

As healers and helpers it’s easy to overgive, and find yourself depleted, overwhelmed, or worse. Joy Leadership is about our ability to embody the wisdom we have gained and walk a new path forward, empowering those around us to do the same.

Be inspired to align with Joy, maintain your focus, and inspire those around you as you ignite your life with JOY. It's time to apply the wisdom
you've gained from the fires you've walked.

Open yourself to a new way filled with ease, flow, empowerment and badass Joy Warriorship!

It’s time to take your seat at the table.

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