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Gisele Plamondon

Gisele is an intuitive astrologer and human design guide. She has a background in social work and was working in private practice as a therapist up until July, 2022.

She believes in profound joy and connection. That life can feel meaningful without feeling heavy. She believes the best way to be of service to the world is to be of service to your Higher Self. Each one of us has a unique path that we’re meant to travel in this lifetime and Gisele believes that the cosmos carries the answers for what that path is.

Gisele is the co-founder of The Cosmic Laundry and loves talking about astrology, human design, and anything related to relationships and the divine feminine.

The Mermaid, Sage, Oracle, and Muse: Understanding the Magic of your Astrological Moon Archetype

Every single birthchart has unique signifiers and patterns and its through these patterns that we can begin to understand our soul's plan. The Moon in the Natal Chart is connected to our emotional landscape and how we relate to our inner world. People who are born with the Moon in aspect to one or more out of the outer planets (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) are often given many challenges in this lifetime because they are here to be healers and spiritual guides. In this workshop learn about the four moon archetypes and how these patterns show up in all areas of our lives. Through this workshop you will learn how to heal from your childhood so you can step into your intuitive and spiritual gifts.

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