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Fola Veritas and Jessica Laurie

Together, Jessica and Fola support others by sharing knowledge and teachings that deepen a connection with the ancestors. A relationship with the ancestors is a personal endeavour that puts the onus on the individual and so this work isn't for everyone, though every woman is capable of developing their own relationship to their ancestral lineage by using plant medicines.

About Fola: As a lover of magickal practices and altered states, Fola is dedicated to supporting others as they explore ancient wisdom to align to their truth. She has delved into esoteric practices, merging in plant medicines to heal past traumas and guide her in intuitively connecting with others. She blends her past experience as a psychiatric nurse with that of ancestral and magickal teachings. She is passionate about sharing mystical knowledge and energetic processes such as sound healing, Reiki and light codes, so others can continue to walk out their empowered path.
IG: @deep_mind_squared

About Jessica Laurie: Jessica loves to share her connection with spirit and ancestors. Helping to capture awesome moments and insights that support healing and personal growth. She loves to create the music and choreograph the dance with Goddesses. She enjoys channelling those who ask to come forward - sharing wisdom from beyond the veil. Her passion for sound healing reflects somatic practices to tone the nervous system which facilitates spiritual development.

Awaken Ancestral Gifts with Plant Medicine - A Medicine Wheel teaching & Mystical Practices

The Sacred Medicine Wheel is referenced across many different cultures across the globe. Together, we will awaken allyship with your own unique ancestry using plant medicine as a facilitator for transformational embodiment of spiritual lineage gifts.

What to expect:
-Women will receive a medicine wheel teaching on how plant medicines can support reconnecting them with their ancestral lineage and what this can look like within their individual practice/routine
-Women will receive guided embodiment practices to further develop ancestral relationships
-Women will receive a harm-reductionist approach on using plant medicines to compliment these teachings, to reduce stigma around mental health and holistic practice
-Women will be guided in developing a practice to support their self discovery and activation of ancestral gifts (i.e. ancestral archetypes, prophetic and oracular abilities, healing abilities, etc.)

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