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Emily Mattingsley

Emily envisions a world where we are once again the experts of their own bodies, and empowered to live beyond the fear of fertility and blood through Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), which is a cycle-charting framework for deep womb healing, vibrant hormone health and 99% effective conscious contraception. She empowers you with accurate information on how your body works, so you can avoid pregnancy without being on pharmaceutical birth control that doesn't feel right for you.

Blood Prayers: Holistic Abortion Options

We’ll weave together a spiritual reclamation of abortion with a simple science lesson on safe plant + pill options available to avoid / end a pregnancy.

You'll leave with a clear understanding of the different times when either plants, pills or both would best support you in bringing on a bleed, as well as guidelines and resources to begin solidifying a back-up pregnancy prevention plan you may one day use…with respect for yourself and our precious herbal allies.

Let's restore dignity to holistic abortions.

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