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Elise Brathwaite

Hey Queen!!! I’m Elise Brathwaite, I am a Modern Day Oracle and Soul Speaker and Sage. With over 20years of experience in the Mystical Arts, my resume of designations, modality’s and initiations is extensive and continues to grow.

I am here to help you radically reclaim your power, so you can access your unique source codes and step into powerful leadership in your life !

Through accessing my ability as a channel, I help you clear energies and blocks created in past incarnation, and I guide you through your family constellation so you can unhook from the ancestral trauma and programming that is binding and blocking you.

My mission is to guide you back to your heart, back to your power, back to the full remembrance of who you really are. I intend to help you fall in deep devotional love with yourself so you can powerfully and intentionally co-create with the universe.

A Meeting with your Empowered Feminine Ancestors: A Constellation Experience

In this experience, we will walk through the doorways of our DNA to access the Powerful Feminine Wisdom held in our Cosmic Ancestry.

We will heal our hidden entanglements and loyalties to our wounded feminine lineage, so we can step through the cosmic portal to access our ancient ancestors, ancient ancestors; the healed, empowered and fierce Feminine.

This is a full Mind, Body, Soul Expérience. Participants will be the vessel to usher the trauma to the healing. You will feel this experience through every fiber of your being. This process has the power to transform and unlock your epigenetic coding. This work can ripple through the continuum reaching both back in time and forward to your descendants to clear the field for them to live a powerful and free dharma.

It’s time for us to live powerfully and healed.

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