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🎀 DOLLHAUS 🎀 is a fabulously fun female run art collective and event production company. We are centred around unifying and empowering artists from different crafts through creative collaboration within the electronic music scene. DollHaus is a figurative and literal space where fantasies become reality through music, dance, visual art, photography, fashion, interior design and most importantly- good vibes!

The spaces that we tailor are not only for our own artistic enjoyment, but also to create energetically nourishing dance floors for our guests to leave feeling full, refreshed and creatively inspired.

DollHaus was born in 2018 when one of our curators looked around and saw a serious lack of hyper feminine aesthetic representation, female leadership and that women’s voices weren’t being heard. Girls were simply not being catered to. DollHaus is by girls for girls and for all the boys who vibe with our style too. Whatever your gender identity, ethnicity, or religion- we got your back and believe in you. One of our main values is authenticity, no one is better at being you than you, boo! 💋

Always remember… this is my haus, this is your haus, this is our haus, this 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 d o l l h a u s💅🏻🏠💖

Luminescence: Dancing Through The Times

DJ/Music Line up:

9-10pm : 70s/80s - Suzanne Summers
10-11pm: 90s/2000s dance remixes - Yelrihs
11pm-12am: House/Tech House into Afro House/Organic House - HAHA
12am-1am: Low end Bass/Dub/DNB - Thysa
1am: Ambient Unwind with HAHA



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