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Darlene Blanch

I am passionate about connecting people with the intelligence of their body to regulate their nervous system, create a deeper connection with all parts of themselves, and utilize the technology of their body to communicate with the Quantum field, Source, God and the Universe. I love to co-create the environment for people to navigate the waters of self-exploration and self-healing, which can feel scary at times.

As a bridge between Spirit and Earth, I love to share my gift with others while holding space for people to meet themselves through the process of self-inquiry, sovereignty, expression, and community. I guide people through experiences of Embodied Movement and Manifestation which incorporates music, sound, breath, vibration and high vibrational frequencies to move energy and transform all parts of oneself.

This year, as I celebrated a golden 50th birthday, I am especially excited to incorporate "Explore your Aliveness" into my offerings and see what that looks and feels like for every person moment to moment. What does aliveness mean to you? What are you meant to know, see and understand about yourself and your life to cultivate how you want to FEEL all the way from your 20's to your 90's? What is possible for each of us?

I have been on a lifelong journey of self-healing and I am excited to share my wisdom, offerings, and gifts as a woman committed to following my ALIVENESS with vibrancy and vitality. (some days are easier than others!) I believe that the latter part of our life can be exciting, sensual, and full of new experiences if we are able to embrace every stage of womanhood with reverence and curiosity.

I spent the Autumn caring for my mom as she moved through the end of her life. Having spent the 5 years prior learning how to navigate self -healing and safely exploring the deepest parts of myself allowed me to move through the process in a very present and embodied way. Going deep into the emotion of grief through embodied movement and exploration allowed me to process and heal as I was in the experience of deep loss. This experience has added another layer into my teachings as grief and other challenging emotions connect us to our aliveness. Sometimes death reminds us to look at what it means to be alive and encourages us to create the life that we want through commitment to self and self-healing. I am grateful to have the tools to safely explore the places within myself that are sometimes challenging to be with, and I am eternally grateful that I am able to share these tools and my life's lessons with anyone who participates in my offerings.

Explore Your Aliveness Through Embodied Movement and Manifestation

In this experiential workshop you can expect:

-Guided journal prompts of self-inquiry to explore what aliveness means for each of us as individuals.
-A guided meditation to call us home into the sanctuary of our body.
-Embodied Movement & Manifestation practice which connects us with the intelligence of our body and utilizes music, sound, breath, shaking, and vibration to move energy and clear space in the body. This practice allows for self-expression, release, and connects us to all parts of ourselves in a deep and powerful way. It is through our body that we connect and communicate with everything else. Therefore, embodiment is the place that we learn to connect with our body and the world around us, including: The Quantum Field, God, Source and the Universe. We incorporate every part of ourselves to create and manifest: physical(body), mental(mind), emotional, spiritual and energetic. It is a wholistic approach. It is much easier to draw something towards you if you can embody what it feels like to already have it. We will be moving life and aliveness through all parts of our being which reminds us that self-healing can be fun, liberating and expand our sense of freedom.

The practice will be integrated by a short sound bath as we let it all go and allow high frequency vibration to wash over us as we surrender to the arms of Mother Earth.

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