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Danielle Stobbs

Danielle is a passionate grief and loss support companion and founder of The Grievers Garden (anonline and in person support space.) She is trained through the Grief Recovery Institute ® as an advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® and is a grief group facilitator with Pilgrims Hospice in Edmonton, Alberta.

Danielle’s passion to hold space for the griever and create a place to normalize conversations
around grief, led to the creation of free monthly grief support within local and online
communities. The intent is to provide a safe, inclusive, and diverse space for those needing
collective care. In the name of reciprocity, Danielle equally finds both grief and joy in
contributing to the grief landscape, by sharing her own personal walk with loss. While this
work has more recently been fueled by the end of life journey and then subsequent loss of her
own father 4.5 years ago, she has lived experience of walking through multiple losses. Some of
these include miscarriage, death by suicide, and escaping a physically abusive marriage.
Danielle believes that grief and loss should not be hidden in the shadows of society. By
bringing it into the light, this helps create space in our lives to live in the coexistence of joy,
grief and the ordinary.

As Danielle continues to navigate her own journey with loss and grief, and further exploration
in deathwork, she has found what she refers to as ‘uninvited lessons’ of grief. These lessons
have taught her what has become the foundation of her work, based on the principle that grief
is not to be cured but to be cared for.

Danielle comes with a no “fix it” and “no judgment” energy and believes that vulnerability
breeds vulnerability, creating an atmosphere of reciprocal empathy. As such, Danielle uses her
own story to facilitate empowerment of others in exchanging stories around living with loss,
grief, life, and love.

Danielle released the "Grief Care Journal: 52 Weeks of Reflective Care For The Griever” in
2023 with a subsequent release of ‘The Grievers Advent’ for supporting the griever
through the holiday season which is available on Amazon and her website.

Grief Is Love

Grief is more than the period of time from the moment a loved one dies to the last sympathy card. Grief is a part of life that has too often been hidden in the shadows of society. To grieve is a part of the human experience, and when we choose to love, we cannot escape the complexities of loss and grief that can come with it. Grief is not binary or two dimensional, but rather a part of the colourful experience of living. We cannot cure grief, but we can care for it together.

‘Grief is love’ is a conversation to unfold the misconceptions of grief and enrich the love we still have within us after a loved one has passed. Danielle will explore the ways that rituals, storytelling and expressions of grief can become acts of love and healing.

Join Danielle, Grief Recovery Specialist ® and Hospice Grief Group Facilitator at the 2024 Wild Roses Festival as we normalize the conversation around grief and loss and share in the reciprocity of vulnerable storytelling and empathy for one another.

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