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Briar Culbert

I combine years of training and experience in spiritual psychotherapy, spiritual direction, yoga, meditation, and energy healing to support clients in an integrative way. I blend together my wisdom as a mother, woman, wife, and healer to offer holistic care nourishing all aspects of an individual.

My aim through all of my work is to provide a supportive environment for each individual's healing - whether I'm working with a client one-on-one or leading a group experience. I work to ask the right questions, guiding you on your journey of growth and change.

I'm a multi-passionate learner and enjoy bringing together many different healing lenses for the clients I have the honour of working with. My background in movement, nutrition, biochemistry, and ceremony helps me foster a holistic and integrative approach with clients.

Embodied Parenting

Every wonder how to take all of your beautiful gentle parenting concepts and put them into practice? Have you struggled to navigate that wild pre/post dinner time rush in your family rhythm? Do you deeply desire feeling calm and grounded in the everyday of your parenting journey?

Then join Briar to explore somatic practices to deepen your confidence and calm as a parent. We'll explore nervous system education and then dive right into 1-5 minute practices that can actually be used in your everyday life. Briar is all about practical and tangible ideas to weave into your everyday parenting. Whether your baby is 2 months or 22 years old, there will be wisdom for every parenting season in this experience.

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