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Asha Runions

I'm Asha.

I have a profound passion for personal development and growth which is why I began my coaching journey more than 12 years ago. Helping people find happiness and success creates joy and success for me. My role is to listen, to teach, and to help you uncover answers, perspective and direction.

The cause that is closest to my heart is seeing the end of racism, as I guide my way through all of the horrific things that came before me, that I didn’t fully acknowledge or that I simply didn’t learn about I have found my way into a world of anti-racism.

As an empathetic person I found it terrifying to wade into what has been done to human beings throughout history, but with the simple and kind words from a friend I started ever so slowly to dip my toe in. My preferred method of killing my microaggressions and unconscious biases is through education. Learning about the true history of Canada and the world has created so much more understanding for me. It is decidedly nonconfrontational, which is kind of my thing… and it lends me tools to share this knowledge with my network, thereby growing anti-racism in my own way.

I also see allyship as something that transcends groups of people, to be an ally for racialized communities is to be an ally for 2SLGBTQIA and an ally for women and an ally for the neurodiverse et al. My belief is that to want equality for one group of people is to want and believe in inclusion for all. Just because I find myself drawn to anti-racism does not mean I don’t support the fight of other causes, it means that this one is my particular passion. I have found such amazing people on this journey whose hearts lay in other causes and we do not hold each other back or compete, we share ideas, plans, visions and sometimes sorrow, but most of all we share strength, resiliency and the encouragement to keep pushing the needle.

A Guide To Allyship: How To Use Your Advantages to Further Equity and Inclusion

Please join me for a conversation on being an ally, I understand first hand the fear that can stop you from stepping into a cause that makes your blood sing. I will guide you through your fears and concerns, shifting your awareness and perspectives from anxiety to strength and excitement.

In this dynamic 60-minute presentation, we delve into the crucial realm of Allyship for Equity and Inclusion from a coaching perspective. As we navigate the complexities of diversity, fostering allyship becomes a pivotal tool for creating truly inclusive spaces. Join us for an insightful journey that explores active listening, the art of powerful questioning, and strategies to avoid ostracizing differing perspectives.

This presentation is designed for individuals passionate about cultivating inclusive excellence, from coaches and leaders to anyone dedicated to fostering positive change. By the end of the session, participants will gain valuable insights into active listening, the art of powerful questioning, and strategies to build bridges across diverse perspectives, all within the context of allyship for equity and inclusion. Join us in creating a more inclusive world, one conversation at a time.

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