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Amy Quist

Wellness and spiritually have long been a passion of mine, bringing so much value into my life and how I navigate the world. Along this path I have come to known that there are two things we can do to make a difference in this world. The first one is to heal ourselves, from our bodies to our souls, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give this world, the second one is to build community. Strong, conscious community is the key to achieving unity. Together we rise <3

Community Satsang

The perfect ice breaker to start off a potent weekend of connection and community. Whether you are flying solo or in a group, what better way to check into your journey than with a sharing circle. Gather with your sisters for an opportunity to share your inner wisdom.

Sit and talk or just observe and take in as we chat about the intricacies of life. Make connections and expand your perspective with enlightening conversations among your peers

The word Satsang can be translated into "being in the company of truth". By gathering with our peers we are offered the opportunity to learn from our community. In circle there is no hierarchy, we all are carrying valuable wisdom and experiences, by sharing our truths and listening to the truths of others we gain valuable perspective.

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