Our first annual Wild Women, Wild Roses Festival was held in July of 2021. What began as an idea between Lauren and Katya Nova to organize a small pot luck for women, quickly it became something much bigger than anyone could have ever expected. In just two weeks, a beautiful festival came together with 300 women proclaiming 'YES!'. Every single detail of the event came together effortlessly by the power of  'the web'- a brilliant community of women weaving together to create an incredibly transformative weekend to dance, learn, sing and nourish deeply. This year, Katya sends her love from Costa Rica as she builds a beautiful community, jungle homestead and Matriarch village.

The wild rose trilogy

Meet this trio of soul sisters turned festival organizers- Lauren, Katie and Ally. 

Katie (Left) is our Volunteer Lead- she is the Mama hen of the crew. A doula through and through (explore her services at Nourish and Bloom here). she makes sure everyone and everything is taken care of and all is running smoothly. If you were at Wild Roses I, you likely saw her dashing through the forest doing ALL the things. She is the one that brings everything into fruition. 


Lauren (middle) is the Wild Roses founder and owner of Elle Wellness. A Gemini dreamer, Manifesting Generator and community connector-- Lauren designs the experiences and curates the vibe from the presentations to the decor. Now that her counterpart, Katya @nurturingnovas, is back in Costa Rica she is sooo grateful to have these babes on her side!


Ally (Right) is the Marketplace Lead. As a small business owner (Free Love Feathers), festival guru and Aquarian Queen, Ally curates the vendor line up, and makes sure the marketplace is bumpin' and running smoothly!