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Zana Ohe

The reason we are alive is to express ourselves in this world. Creating art is the most innate and effective way for me to do so. Art goes beyond language. It is a universal way to send messages between each other and through time. Embracing the elements of earth, air, water and fire, I hand build ceramics, creating each piece as an expression of my soul. True inspiration and imagination emerges when we let go, surrendering and allowing for a deep connected and enabling the cosmos to channel through us.

Ceramic Goddess Vessel Workshop

This workshop invites a deeper exploration of our own sexuality, sensuality, feminine energy and how we feel towards intimacy. Advocate for body positivity while handcrafting your very own piece to celebrate the feminine form.

Get your hands into the earth and allow creative energy to flow. Using hand building techniques I will walk you through the process step by step whilst offering suggestions on how to individualize your artwork. No matter your skill level or prior experience, this workshop is designed to be a relaxed and enjoyable space for you to uncover the joy of working with clay!

After crafting your pieces, know that your creations are in safe hands. I will carefully dry, fire, glaze and final fire your pieces, ensuring that your artworks reach their full potential.

Mug $100
Plant Pot with Catch Tray $120
Vase $160

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