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The Sacred Village

Brooklyn and Emma are multidimensional mentors, medicine women and master space holders. Together, they carry the wisdom to intimately, safely guide women through their emotional depths - to support them in embodying and being witnessed in their grief, rage, joy and wild self-expression.

Sananga & Rapeh Medicine Ceremony

As settlers on Turtle Island, we recognize the privilege we have to access and bring to the North sacred medicines of the jungle. We carry these plants with respect and reverence for their origins and the ancient wisdom traditions from which they come. Sananga & Rapeh are two plant spirits that have served as very powerful allies in our personal healing journeys, and it is an honour to share these medicines in ceremony with you.

Sananga is an Amazonian shrub distilled down into potent eye drops that support sharpening physical and spiritual vision. Often, the temporary discomfort of Sananga will evoke intense sensation in your eyes, bringing you into your primal expression. It cleanses your auric field and energy body, and can show you where you're holding tension in your physical body, inviting you to soften and surrender into those places.

Rapeh is a sacred Amazonian tobacco snuff administered through a pipe called a Tepi. Infusing your own personal intention or prayer into the medicine, receiving Rapeh can ground you, protect your energetic field, bring you into your heart and offer you a deeply spiritual connection to yourself and the Divine.

It is worth noting that both medicines offer visceral experiences in the body and are not psychoactive.

Due to the nature of working with medicines, this ceremony will be intimate and limited to 15 women.

Energy Exchange: $45

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