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Tania Andrushko

I am an Emotional Intelligence & Mindset coach, the CEO and founder of Vibrant Rising™ training. A Dreamer, a Catalyst and a Truth Teller with a huge compassionate heart and courageous soul.
My mission is to inspire humanity to expand in Love & Peace! The vision is a world filled with happy and conscious people.

Create your own Ceremonial Flower Crown

On a very special night, the enchanting blossom of the magic fern awakens for a brief moment.

This magical, fiery flower of happiness opens on the fern in brilliant splendor, inviting everyone to seek her out in the forest. It is said that anyone fortunate enough to pluck the flower as she awakens will be endowed with the remembrance of ancestral wisdom and the ability to hear the heartbeat of the soul of the universe. They will then understand the language of all creatures, be able to discover hidden treasures and have authority to enter any temple.

Most importantly, they will be able to find true love and happiness should they arrive with an innocence of pure intention and heart.

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