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Soul Rise Kinesiology

The modality I practice is called Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology. This is where I use the art of muscle testing to clear subconscious emotions and blocks from the inner realm. Our subconscious is where we hold all our patterns, beliefs and behaviors which run a majority of our daily lives. When we lean into the wisdom of the body and give it space to speak we can find where the imbalance is within the body, the emotions associated and how to energetically clear it. I have been completing this style of kinesiology from Australia and am the only Canadian offering this specific modality.

Emotional & Metaphysical Kinesiology

I will be offering 1-on-1 kinesiology sessions where we dive into any current emotional stressors and what the client would like to clear. We then focus on how it is they wish to feel, cultivate and bring into their lives. Most likely there are subconscious blocks holding this person back from what it is they are calling in. Together we work to create a "goal/intention" for what the session will be based on for clearing. Through muscle testing we then dive into the root of the imbalance, which may be one of the energetic systems (Element, Meridian, Chakra, Trans-personal chakra, Aura). We find emotions associated with what we are working on and possibly any other additional information that may come up. To balance and clear the body we use a variety of different energetic remedies which can include (acupressure points, essential oils, sound healing, oracle cards, flower essences, crystals, sound therapy, energy work - and more!). The body innately knows what it needs, through muscle testing we find what is needed to clear. As this is a metaphysical kinesiology modality we dive into the metaphysical side and why things may be coming up. As we begin to shift layers and clear energetic space we can invite new aligned energy, beliefs and thoughts to take place.

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