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Sonia Dhillon

Introduced from a young age to the eastern spiritual practices of meditation and yoga, Ayurvedic Therapist and Postpartum Doula, Sonia Dhillon, continues her journey in devotion to the path and study of ancient wisdom and the medicine of her ancestors.

Healing herself from chronic imbalance in her body through Ayurvedic foods, herbal practices, and traditional body work therapies, Sonia is dedicated to sharing the ethereal beauty and the depth of this wisdom tradition for women’s health and for maternal well-being within her community.

The Art of Creating Sacred Ghee

Join Ayurvedic Therapist and food ceremonialist, Sonia Dhillon as she teaches and shares the sacred art of crafting high vibrational ghee.

This workshop is an invitation for you to explore the ritual of preparing food and nourishment as medicine. You will also come away with the knowledge of how to prepare and infuse your ghee with traditional herbs and botanicals specifically suited to the constitutions or doshas of vata, pitta and kapha.

In this offering, we will explore:

— A full tutorial on how to brew ghee
— Mantra and full moon rituals
— Sourcing high grade ingredients
— Tuning into the 5 elements as you create
— Ayurvedic wisdom around medicinal ghee
— The profound benefits and uses of ghee
— How to prepare herbal infusions
— Creating and weaving together your sacred kitchen sanctuary

You will leave with the wisdom of ayurvedic healing and you will also take away a mantra infused jar of organic, grass fed ghee ayurvedically prepared under the full moon.

Cost to attend: $100

This is a pre-registered workshop and must be booked in advance! Space is limited.

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