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Sonia Dhillon

Introduced from a young age to the eastern spiritual practices of meditation and yoga, Ayurvedic Therapist and Postpartum Doula, Sonia Dhillon, continues her journey in devotion to the path and study of ancient wisdom and the medicine of her ancestors.

Healing herself from chronic imbalance in her body through Ayurvedic foods, herbal practices, and traditional body work therapies, Sonia is dedicated to sharing the ethereal beauty and the depth of this wisdom tradition for women’s health and for maternal well-being within her community.

The Path of Sadhana: Food as Medicine

“Every food, every motion, every dream is memory of past and future.
Food is memory. Memory is being. Eating is remembering.”
–Maya Tiwari

In Ayurveda, the height of pitta season, or summer, represents the predominant element of fire. This fire is transformative, it is brilliant, radiant, passionate, intelligent, it is the element associated with our blood, and it is the warm that we feel course through our being.

Fire enables us to digest the universe and transmute its cosmic intelligence; fire gives us sight, fire gives us vision.

The season of pitta is a time of year that asks us, particularly as feminine beings, to honour our emotional body, our liver, our digestion, and the rhythmic transformation of the blood within our body.

Through the sadhana, or practice, of food and nourishment, we cultivate the ability to restore our memory of connecting with our ancestral food as medicine.

Join Sonia Dhillon as you take a journey through the senses into the realm of Ayurvedic nourishment. We will gather while enjoying an immersive discussion around seasonal eating that indulges all five senses as you explore herbs, spices, elixirs, and foods for the season of pitta.

This offering will include a guided exploration of Ayurveda, what it means to honour the seasons of our Great Mother, and the opportunity, through taste, touch, smell, sight, and feeling, to become acquainted with the plant medicines that nourish and balance the pitta dosha while you experience an authentic freshly prepared 6 dish thaali plated spread. You will also come away with an Ayurvedic gift box filled with recipe cards for each of the prepared dishes, mantra infused ghee, and all herbs and spices needed for you to create these meals in your home.

Cost to attend: $275

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