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Sakura Rose

My heart offerings are in loving service of your transformation, healing, and remembrance of who you are so you can step deeper into your soul-aligned path in your life journey, rising higher into your divinity.

I lead a variety of experiences through 1:1 healing ceremonies such as kambo (for men and women), home blessing rituals and womb work through shamanic journeys, yoni steams and ongoing coaching.

Red tent, rose sisterhood circles and goddess retreats are curated for the divine feminine to connect us deeper with our wombs and the cycles of the earth and cosmos.

I am dedicated to your transformation and holding safe and sacred space steeped in the highest vibrational frequency of LOVE.

Yoni Steam Ceremony: Womb Journey with Sakura Rose in the Red Tent

A yoni steam is a powerful, restorative ritual that has been performed since ancient times in many cultures for reproductive health, for deeply nourishing the womb and yoni and for releasing stagnation in the wombspace. 1.5 hour session. Open to a limited small group of women.

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Details: $88 including a take-home yoni steam bundle
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